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Using IDA

How to download with the browser (temporary disable IDA)?

If you use Internet Explorer (IE), then in order to temporarily disable IDA download interception press the Ctrl key while clicking a link you want to download with the browser. (When extended integration enabled then the Ctrl key may not work. So you should try to disable extended integration in the program options: Options->General->Integration.)
Also you can turn on the "Open in the browser if canceled" mode (Options->General->Integration). In this case when IDA intercepts a download but you press the Cancel button (or the cross in the upper right corner of the window, or the Esc key) in the "Add download" window the download will be continued by the browser.

If you use Opera, Firefox or Mozilla, then to temporarily disable IDA download interception you have to disable IDA integration into your browser (Options->General->Integration-> Your browser).

How TO DELETE A DOWNLOAD and the corresponding file?

If a download is not completed then it will always be deleted along with the corresponding file. If you delete a completed download then IDA will only remove the record in the download list and leave the downloaded file on disk. To delete a a completed download with the corresponding file please hold Ctrl or Shift key while clicking on the Delete button or use Ctrl+Delete or Shift+Delete.

New version of the program won't work. What should I do?

If after installing a new version, IDA won't download any file but earlier everything was ok, then most likely you use a firewall that does not allow the new IDA version to access the Internet. The firewall does not automatically recognize the new version of the program even if IDA was earlier authorized for Internet access. So you have to check if the new version is authorized for Internet access in your firewall settings.

IDA won't download any file! Errors 10049, 10057, 10060,...

If IDA won't download any file (errors 10049, 10057, 10060...), there may be one of the following causes:

  • no connection. Check if there is access to the Internet from other programs, for example from your browser;
  • access to the Internet is blocked by firewall or, sometimes, anti-virus. In this case you have to adjust your firewall settings so that IDA has permission to access the Internet, or check if your anti-virus settings allow programs on your computer to access the network (for example, network access is sometimes blocked when the safest settings are enabled in anti-virus software);
  • proxy-server is not specified. Check proxy-server settings in IDA -> Options -> Proxy settings. You can try to disable "Use proxy-server settings from MS Internet Explorer" option if it is enabled;
  • proxy-server specified incorrectly. Check proxy-server settings in IDA -> Options -> Proxy settings;

Sometimes trojan programs set invalid proxy in the IE settings and IDA uses those settings (if "Use proxy-server settings from MS Internet Explorer" option is enabled).

If IDA won't download some particular file only (errors 10049, 10057, 10060...) there may one of the following causes:

  • no connection to the specified server. Try to download later;
  • invalid proxy-server or proxy-server is temporarily unavailable. Check proxy-server settings for this download (Download properties) or for the server (Site manager);
  • probably specified incorrect download address(URL). Check the download link.

ERROR CODE DESCRIPTIONS you can always find here:

After uninstallation IDA does not allow browser to download. What should I do?

Perhaps you did not close all browser windows before uninstallation and uninstallation was not completed successfully.

To solve this problem try the following:
1. Close all browsers;
2. Reinstall IDA;
3. Enable (in the program options) the same integration settings as you had in IDA before uninstallation (for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera).
4. Close IDA;
5. Check if all browsers are closed (including File Explorer windows);
6. Click the Uninstall item from the "Start->Programs->Internet Download
Accelerator" Menu.

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