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You may use this program during 14days. If you do not register our software product after it's trial period is expired you will not be able to win over the computer.

The registration fee for SeaWar is $14.95. There are a lot of ways of payment: credit card, PayPal, cash, bank transfer, Fax and Phone orders or you may send us a check. All payments are processed by trustworthy PayPro service.


As a registered user you get the following advantages:
1. You can use SeaWar with no limitations;
2. You can use functions inaccessible in the trial version;
3. All the "Shareware Reminder" windows will be removed;
4. You get extended technical support;
5. You'll get all future versions for free;
6. You'll be able to buy other WestByte programs at a considerable discount;
7. You support further development and improvment of SeaWar.

SeaWar 3.0
Buy now

We will send you your registration information via e-mail.

If you have any problems or questions, please, email to: sales@westbyte.com

We hope that you'll enjoy using our program.

How to register

1. Buy a license to use SeaWar.

2. During 24 hours you'll get an e-mail with the "SeaWar registration" subject, where you'll find registration info: e-mail, registration name and password. If you don't receive you registration info during 3 days after buying the license please e-mail us at seawar@westbyte.com

3. Launch SeaWar (The latest version of the program you can download here). Choose the "Register" menu item in the "Help" menu. The registration window will open. Copy the registration info and insert it in the registration window.

4. Click "OK" button.

5. Now you can use SeaWar with no limitations.

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