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Windows Sockets Error Codes

Won't download!

IDA won't download files. What should I do?
If IDA won't download any files there may be one of the following causes:
- no connection. Check if there is access to the Internet from other programs, for example from your browser;
- access to the Internet is blocked by firewall or, sometimes, anti-virus. In this case you have to adjust your firewall settings so that IDA has permission to access the Internet, or check if your anti-virus settings allow programs on your computer to access the network (for example, network access is sometimes blocked when the safest settings are enabled in anti-virus software);
- proxy-server is not specified. Check proxy-server settings in IDA -> Options -> Proxy settings. You can try to disable "Use proxy-server settings from MS Internet Explorer" option if it is enabled;
- proxy-server specified incorrectly. Check proxy-server settings in IDA -> Options -> Proxy settings;

Sometimes trojan programs set invalid proxy in the IE settings and IDA uses those settings (if "Use proxy-server settings from MS Internet Explorer" option is enabled).

IDA won't download a particular file. What should I do?
If IDA won't download some particular file only there may one of the following causes:
- no connection to the specified server. Try to download later;
- invalid proxy-server or proxy-server is temporarily unavailable. Check proxy-server settings for this download (Download properties) or for server (Site manager);
- probably specified incorrect download address(URL). Check download link.

After uninstallation of the IDA my browser is redirected back to WestByte
Please close all browsers before performing the uninstallation procedure. Make sure to remove the software via add/remove programs control panel applet. If you are still getting redirected please locate the file npida.dll and remove it from the system.

How to use Internet Download Accelerator. Five tips.

Download video from video sharing services

Internet Download Accelerator online help

Browsers integration

Internet Download Accelerator integrates with:
Interner Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, Opera, Maxthon/MyIE2 (IE), NetCaptor (IE), Phoenix (Mozilla)
If Internet Explorer 6.0 or above is installed on your system Internet Download Accelerator integrates with:
Avant Browser (IE), NeoPlanet (IE)

Is integration to Maxthon/MyIE2 (IE) browser possible?
Integration to MyIE2 is possible. You only have to enable it.
For that do the following:
1. Run MyIE2 and choose Options -> MyIE2 Options... -> Advanced. Then set the "Enable IE Plugin Support" flag. Then click "Ok" and close MyIE2.
2. Run MyIE2 once again and choose Options -> MyIE2 Options...->Advanced -> IE Plugin. And in the list which will appear on the left make the "IE 4.x-6.x BHO for IDA" plugin active. The rest of plugins you can disable. Click "Ok".
3. Restart MyIE2 and enjoy intercepting downloads the same as in Microsoft Internet Explorer!

Added for Maxthon 1.1:
By default the new version of Maxthon does not load BHO objects, so do the following:
1. Check if loading of BHO objects is enabled. For this, open Maxthon and then choose Options->Maxthon Options...->Plugin-> IE Plugin tab and look for "IE 4.x-6.x BHO for IDA" item in the list. If it is here, then you simply have to enable it, the rest of objects-interceptors can be disabled. Integration is completed.
2. If "IE 4.x-6.x BHO for IDA" item is not in the list, then you have to close Maxthon, find the plugins.ini file (usually it can be found in ..\Maxthon\Config folder), open it with a text editor and add bLoadBHO=1 line to the [IEPlugins] section (if it does not exist, create it). Section will look like the following:
Save the modified file.
And now go to step 1. (See above).
That's all.

How to enable NetCaptor (IE) integration?
To enable NetCaptor integration please do the following:
1. Run IDA, open Downloads->Settings... enable "Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer (ver. 4.x-6.x or above)". Press "Ок".
2. Run NetCaptor, open Tools -> NetCaptor Options -> General and enable "Load Browser Helper Objects". Press "Ок".
3. Restart NetCaptor.
After this operation integration should work like in IE.

How to enable integration in Mozilla Firefox, Firebird or Phoenix (Mozilla)?
To enable phoenix integration please do the following:
1. Locate the npida.dll in the IDA's folder and just copy it into the ...\phoenix\plugins\ folder.
2. Restart Phoenix.
Done. Now the integration should work just like in Netscape/Mozilla.

How to enable browser integration for NeoPlanet?
To enable browser integration you must disable the internal loader. To disable the internal loader please do the following:
1. Press F2 and then select the "IDA" item;
2. Please uncheck the "Enable NeoPlanet download manager" option.
Now the integration should work just like in IE.


I haven't got my registration information! HELP!
Dear friends!
1. We need up to 24 hours to check your orders (RegSoft Plimus, Paypal, etc) are checking them for fraud.
2. If you haven't got any registration information in 48 hours do NOT mail us, just go to http://download1.westbyte.com/request_lost_serial.php and request the information.
3. Disable your SPAM filters _BEFORE REQUESTING_ information.
4. If you haven't got your reg info (no such user message) that means something wrong with your credit card.

If nothing works or you do NOT control your SPAM filters.
Ask us to change your e-mail (that you used during IDA purchase) and resend your registration information to the new e-mail address. Create a new mailbox for that purpose at Gmail or Hotmail, check it's SPAM folders.
We do NOT send your reginfo in e-mails from tech support, SMS, etc. The process of reg info processing is AUTOMATED.
Thank you!

P.S. We do not handle your information directly the processing time of your order depends on the merchant (Regsoft or Plimus) so don't ask to send you the info faster by any means we just can't.

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