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Now with torrents
In the new Internet Download Accelerator 7.1 we've added easy torrent downloading. Add torrent files and magnet links as normal downloads. Speed limits and a number of downloads can be easily configured in the External Downloader plugin. Video, music and podcast downloads have been improved, as well as handling MD5 checksums. more >>
Internet Download Accelerator 7.0: Faster, Smarter, Better!
We're excited to announce the release of IDA 7.0, the latest version of your favorite all-in-one download assistant! This update includes new features and improvements that will take your download experience to the next level. New plugin versions to ensure compatibility with the latest websites and platforms. Downloading your favorite content has never been easier! We've improved IDA's ability to capture videos, music, and podcasts from the web. Our chatbot is smarter and faster than ever. Get quick answers to your questions and enjoy a seamless user experience when interacting with IDA. IDA now supports even more interface languages, making it accessible to users from all over the world. We've eliminated annoying bugs to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience. Upgrade to IDA 7.0 today. more >>
Get the new IDA 6.27 for free
IDA 6.27 has redesigned Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge integration. Brave integration has been added. Video, music, and podcast downloading have been improved. Increased stability of the program and fixed bugs. more >>
m3u and new sites to download
Internet Download Accelerator 6.26 is now available for free, with support for .m3u and .m3u8 playlists, DASH downloads, and a lot of new sites available for downloading videos, music, and podcasts. Improved video, music, and podcast downloads. We fixed bugs and inaccuracies. more >>
Download faster and smarter
In the new Internet Download Accelerator 6.25 we've improved the speed and stability of video downloads. We improved the security and handling of HTTPS, as well as integration with MyTopFiles.com. We fixed an error with the first download from video services. more >>
Download 180° and 360° spherical videos
The new IDA 6.24 has started downloading 180° or 360° spherical videos. Downloading video from video services in complex situations has been significantly improved. Default video codec option added. Also, fixed a bug when changing the video quality and selecting the optimal download format. The new version is already available on the site more >>
Download videos faster
In the new Internet Download Accelerator 6.22, we increase download speed of video services and add new sites from which you can download video. The processing and downloading of playlists have been improved. more >>

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