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Welcome to IDA Firefox extension page

!!! Extension are only supported on Firefox 50 and higher.

Download from Firefox with IDA just by clicking the link. You can enable or disable link interception in the extension menu. You can also set the minimal file size to be downloaded using IDA.

Internet Download Accelerator plug-in for Chrome

Mozilla Firefox extension adds ability to start download or a group of downloads from theFirefox's context menu. After you install the extension, the Internet Download Accelerator sub-menu with Download and Download All menu items will be added to the Firefox's context menu.

After installation you will need to restart Firefox. Now after clicking on a link (link example) you'll see two new items in the context menu:

Internet Download Accelerator plug-in for Chrome

choose Download if you want to download the selected file, Download all links if you want to download a group of files from the page or Remote Download if you want to download file remotely.

If you visit a site with videos, which can be downloaded by IDA, the extension button will change its appearance. You can click it and choose Download video to download videos with IDA.

Button on IDABar will appear letting you save the video file to your computer

You can select text, right-click to open the context menu and choose "Search selection on". You will get the page with search results immediately where you can download files.

For more information on IDA integration with Firefox please see IDA Help system.

!!! The IDA Firefox plug-in is included with IDA installation package. If you wish you can download it from the official Mozilla Firerfox site.

The most popular software, archives, documents
IDA integrates into MyTopFiles file catalog enabling you to search for files and mirrors right from the program and get information about the most popular software, music, archives, documents etc. Having signed up you will be able to add comments for files, add files to your own Favorites available to you on any computer connected to the Internet.

To download the latest IDA version or get more detail on IDA please visit:

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