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Remote Download
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Remote Download

Remote Download is a plug-in for Internet Download Accelerator allowing to keep track of files added through the MyTopFiles.com site and automatically download them.

You can start IDA with the enabled Remote Download plug-in and leave a computer on. After that you can tranfer links for download to the IDA from any other computer connected to the Internet through your IDATop.com account http://mytopfiles.com/users/USERNAME/downloads/. For example you can transfer downloads to your home computer from work or vice versa. After the link is transferred the download starts automatically.  

Plug-in features:

  • Option to specify which MyTopFiles.com account to use;
  • Option to disable check for new download links;
  • Various intervals for check for new download links: from 10 minutes to 24 hours;
  • View the plug-in activity log;
  • Option to check for new download links manually.

Attention! Do not give anyone your MyTopFiles.com account password!

Attention! If you have IDA 5.5.11 or above installed on your system then you already have this plug-in and there is no need to download and install it!

Download Remote Download
File size: 312,4 KB
Date: April 12, 2010

Alternative locations:
Download Remote Download

Supported languages: English
The program is freeware.

Version history

Version 1.0 - April 12, 2010
listThe first public release.

Installation instructions

1. 1. Download Remote Download plug-in;
2. Unpack it into the ...\IDA\Plugins\ folder;
3. Start Internet Download Accelerator, choose Tools -> Plug-ins... and open the plug-in settings;
4. Specify the login and password for your MyTopDownloads.com account (if you do not have one please register here http://mytopdownloads.com/register.php). Press Ok. Checking for download links will be done automatically in the specified interval. Of course, IDA must work on your computer all the time.
If you want to check for download links right now open the plug-in settings and press Check now button;
5. Visit your account at http://mytopdownloads.com/users/USERNAME/downloads/ (where USERNAME is your login) and add any download link to the Download section (if you want to download the file later add the link to the Postponed section). After the link is tranferred to IDA it will be moved to the Archive section in your account on the site.

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