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Bot Master - Internet Download Accelerator Plug-in allowing to interact with the bots
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Welcome to the page dedicated to Bot Master plug-in allowing IDA to work with the messenger bots

Bot Master plug-in adds the ability to download files using links you send to our bot in the messenger. Currently Telegram messenger is supported.
Send links from your mobile phone, computer or browser, no matter how far away you are from your IDA.

To get started, you need to connect (associate) your IDA with our bot in the Telegram network. To do this:

  1. Open the Settings -> Plug-ins, select Bot Master in the list, and then click the Settings button;
  2. In the window that appeared, click the Activate button;
  3. You will receive a unique code that you will have to send to our @myidabot bot in Telegram;
  4. After accepting the activation code, the bot will connect to your IDA and will be ready to receive links.

Send @myidabot one or more links and they will be downloaded by your IDA.

When adding a link you can specify the following additional commands after a space:

  • /later - add a download, but do not start the download immediately;
  • /high or +, /low or - - add with high or low priority;
  • /8k, /4k, /1080, /720, /480, /360, /180, /144, /mp3 - the size and type of video to download from a video sharing service.

To get information about the current IDA status or active downloads please click one of the corresponding buttons.

If IDA is not running when you are adding a link the link will be queued and sent to IDA later after successful connection. Note that the queue size is limited.

!!! The Bot Master is included with IDA installation package.

The most popular software, archives, documents
IDA integrates into MyTopFiles file catalog enabling you to search for files and mirrors right from the program and get information about the most popular software, music, archives, documents etc. Having signed up you will be able to add comments for files, add files to your own Favorites available to you on any computer connected to the Internet.

To download the latest Internet Download Accelerator version or get more detail on Internet Download Accelerator please visit:

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