Internet Download Accelerator Bar for Firefox (IDABar)

Internet Download Accelerator Bar for Firefox (IDABar)
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Welcome to IDABar for Firefox page

IDABar for Firefox is a toolbar which lets you effectively control your downloads directly from browser without switching to IDA. Also you can search for files, programs, games,music and archives with the search integrated into IDABar.

After installation you will have to restart Firefox.

IDABar for Firefox

With IDABar you are able to do the following:

  1. Start IDA;
  2. Add a new download;
  3. Download all files from this page;
  4. Open the IDA home page, IDABar home page, MyTopFiles, software directory and other useful web-pages;
  5. Enable/disable clipbboard monitoring;
  6. Drag links to files you wish to download onto the special panel;
  7. Search for files, programs, games, and music;
  8. Manage IDA download speed;
  9. A unique option, only for Mozilla Firefox! When visiting a video service (for example VideoTube) page containing some video, the button on IDABar will appear letting you save the video file to your computer.

Button on IDABar will appear letting you save the video file to your computer

For more information on IDA integration with Firefox please see IDA Help system.

The most popular software, archives, documents
IDA integrates into MyTopFiles file catalog enabling you to search for files and mirrors right from the program and get information about the most popular software, music, archives, documents etc. Having signed up you will be able to add comments for files, add files to your own Favorites available to you on any computer connected to the Internet.

To download the latest IDA version or get more detail on IDA please visit:

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